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Radio Healer
is a Xicana/o and Native American led collective in Phoenix, Arizona. The collective is Devin Armstrong-Best, Edgar Cardenas, Ashya Flint, Randy Kemp, Raven Kemp, Rykelle Kemp, Cristóbal Martínez, Mere Martinez, and Melissa S. Rex. As a group, these hacker-artists create indigenous electronic tools, which they use with traditional indigenous tools to perform indigenous reimagined ceremony. Through their immersive environments, comprised of moving images, tools, regalia, performance, and sound, the collective bends media to position visual and sonic metaphors that make the familiar strange.

Radio Healer is particularly interested in the seemingly ordinary semiotic systems that, when observed, become irrational, inefficient, deceptive, and contradictory. These systems encode assumptions, ideologies in discourses, and dilemmas that concretize the cultural systems that shape notions of reality. Radio Healer's goals are to disrupt these notions by creating environments that provide audiences with opportunities to engage in a heightened sense of criticality about the systems we create, maintain, and adapt. The collective strives to mediate complexity capable of catalyzing public discourse, and to demonstrate self-determination through an indigenous knowledge systems approach to designs and uses of hacked tools for hacking semiotic systems. Through these goals, Radio Healer performs inclusive re-imagined ceremonies during which the public is invited to reflect on human exigencies and dilemmas tied to obsolescence, acceleration, warfare, borders, hyper-surveillance, land use, cybernetics, market systems, historical amnesia, hi-velocity global multi-nodal networks, and the trans-mediated market valorization of human bodies.

Radio Healer is the recipient of the 2016-2017 Arizona Commission for The Arts, Artist Research and Development Grant, and is a project in residence at the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. Radio Healer has performed immersive environments throughout North America, in Australia, and in Namibia. Radio Healer is partners with the Arizona State University, Center for the Art and Science of Teaching, Arizona State University Art Museum, and CALA Alliance.

Radio Healer acknowledges the important contributions of previous collaborators: Sam Anderson, Robert Esler, Fabio Fernandes, Joe French, J.C. Golding, Zarco Guerrero, Byron Lahey, Fernando Lino, Aileen Mapes, Ryan McFadden, Jessica Mumford, Stjepan Rajko, Janie Ross, Maritza Montiel Tafur, Lisa Tolentino, Monty Walters, and mac n. zie.