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Radio Healer
performs indigenous re-imagined ceremonies with electronic and acoustic instruments. To prepare for ceremony, Radio Healer artists produce software and aesthetically symbolic electronic ceremonial tools that are designed to mediate the collective's live performances of moving images and sound. Radio Healer applies indigenous intercultural knowledge systems such as Xicana/o rasquache, Lowrider chop shop, and Native American adaptive reuse traditions for the design, construction, and practice of ceremonial tools. These traditions demonstrate appropriations and adaptations of foreign cultural artifacts and materials, as well as the use of local materials to innovate a culturally-responsive ecology of functional and aesthetic musical instrument technologies that encode Radio Healer's indigenous worldview. All the electronic instruments featured on this page were constructed through hacking via circuit-bending, appropriation, salvaging, coding, recycling, adaptive reuse, and improvisation. As they mediate visual, sonic, and discursive complexity, these implements operationalize the collective's indigenous sovereignty—they are the Radio Healer's self-determined adaptations of materials and tools.